Nano material

Nano materials are materials that have at least one dimension (0.1-100 nm) in the three-dimensional space or are made up of them as basic units, which are roughly equivalent to the size of the 10~100 atoms closely arranged together.

It can be divided into four categories: nano powder, nano fiber, nano film and nano block. The development time of nano powder is the longest and the technology is the most mature, which is the basis of the other three kinds of products. The research on the basic theory of nanotechnology and the development of new materials have been developed rapidly, and have been widely used in traditional materials, medical equipment, electronic equipment, coatings and other industries.


Recommend equipment for nano material product production: ES/DS superfine precise three roller mill, DYS series hydraulic three roller mill, WSP Series Fast Flow Bead Mill, WST series turbo nano sand mill

Product line: Nano material wet grinding product line